July 30, 2009

New stuff

Loads of new stuff arrived in the last weeks for the shop.
Lovely fabrics from Cosmo and Kokka from Japan, some fabrics from the U.S., iron on appliques, iron on foil with glitters to make your own appliques with and materials to turn the fabric covered buttons into bobby pins, magnets, push pins and rings.

Until August, 3rd, you will receive a 10% discount on all the products in the shop, if you order for more than 15 euros (not included shipping and only for the purchases in the Dutch webshop).

July 24, 2009


I had a stomach flu last week, so not much blogging (or anything else) around here.
Before that, we celebrated the 3rd birthday of Karel, who was very happy with his vintage Tonka fire truck.

Of course there was a homemade birthdaycake.

And to celebrate his birthday with his friends on the child daycare centre, I made these keychain droplets (all the groups at the centre have names like clouds, stars, suns and his group is called the droplets).

July 18, 2009


I got this beautiful book for my birthday last year. It explains all kinds of methods of printing techniques by hand. Like stamping, linoleum printing, freezer paper techniques and screenprinting in different ways. It also contains patterns that you can use for printing and they are very inspiring as well.
I thought to give it a go with screenprinting and this is my first trial (guess what inspired me...).

The method I used is quite easy (you don't need hard to find or expensive materials) and I am very pleased with the result. You can use the screens to print on paper, fabrics, wood and so on. I am working on some more screens and I am really eager to make the prints (I'll keep you posted of course!)

July 15, 2009


We had a little reunion last weekend. My childhood friend Jose, who now lives in Australia, is in Holland for a month. At the moment she stays on a campsite with her husband and kids and we joined them this weekend together with some other friends.
We really had a good time. 6 grown-ups, 6 kids, swimming, playing, cooking, snacking, BBQing, wine, beer, sunshine, rain, chatting, lauching, oh, how I would love her to live more close to me.... (the picture is from the BBQ, preparing some hamburgers with bread for the kids).

July 5, 2009

Colourful Garden

We really like sitting in the garden until late under the shed in the back of our garden. To decorate the shed I made (much too much) cushions from all kinds of fabric remnants and crocheted flowers.

Together with a fabric garland and some laterns it looks really cosy and summery, also when the weather is not good.

July 2, 2009

Cooling Down in Style

With this hot weather, the boys are really having a good time in their inflatable pool in the garden.

But when I saw this cupcake pool, I'd whished they were a still bit smaller to fit in it. It is sooo cute! It is designed by Beerd van Stokkum and can also be used as a garden pot or a basket for a dog or cat.