September 30, 2010


Our son will turn 6 in two weeks time. And he really wants a pirate-themed party. And poporn as a treat for his friends at school. And a bike. Yes, big boys know what they want!
I made him this party t-shirt to wear on his birthday (and luckily he likes it).
Easy to make, just stitch a string on a t-shirt (don't forget to use the stretch needle). Cut out some flags from iron-on velours (size 2x2,5cm) and iron them on. Ready! Also nice as a gift. I am thinking about adding a 6 somewhere, what do you think?

September 25, 2010


I am so happy with our "groentetas". It is a bag full or organic vegetables that we receive each week since a few weeks. The nice thing about it is that it also contains vegetables that we wouldn't buy for ourselves and this makes cooking more creative. One of the results: this simple and delicious fennel soup for lunch.

September 20, 2010

Textielweekend 2010

From 1 to 3 October it is again Textielweekend in Tilburg. With lots of workshops, expositions, demonstrations and a market. Really worth a visit if you are a textile lover! And VANMARIEKE will be on the market on the 2nd and 3rd of October too, so if you are visiting, please come and say hi.

September 14, 2010

I won!

Remember the lamp that I've showed you a while ago? I also sent the picture to the Dutch magazine "101 woonidee├źn". And to my surpise, I received an e-mail last week to tell me that the picture is in the september edition of their magazine and that I won an IKEA gift certificate with it!

September 9, 2010


A little preview of the goodies (little gifts to promote my webshop) that I am packing for various goodiebags for colleague (web)shops. And because I am so happy the way these little iron on appliques turned out, you will receive one too if you order something from the shop in September.

September 1, 2010

Big Bubbles

Making big bubbles from soapy water! We also did this on a campsite in France, it is very easy to do and great fun!
All you need is two pieces of rope (one of 40 cm, one of 80 cm), two sticks of 50 cm (can be branches that you found), a bucket filled with 4 litres of warm water (not too hot) and half a litre of cheap liquid dishwashing soap.

Attach the ropes to the branches/sticks (short one on top, long one below, I hope you can see on the photo's how it works). Now put them in the soapy water and slowly walk backwards to make the best bubbles ever (blowing bubbles is possible too).