February 19, 2008

Sweet boy

Last Sunday the weather was so nice that our boys played in the garden. Normally they only make a big mess, by playing with the little stones in our garden and throwing them between the plants (that's why we are planning to change our garden into a bit more child friendly one with grass and a play-house). But this Sunday at a certain moment Teun came into the house, with in his hands "flowers" that he picked for his dad and me, so sweet.

Bags, bags, bags

This weekend I sold my first bags.
As a christmas present, I made small (pink!) tote bags for my two little nieces, age 4 and 5. They liked them so much that they take them to school every day with their drinks and sandwiches in. Their parents asked me to make some more bags (11 to be precisely), to give to their friends at their birthday parties. Last saturday, we visited them and deliverd the bags. Wow, I am in business! Hope this will be the start of many many more....

February 11, 2008

Swap (Gimme your stuff)

I just found this really interesting site, a cultural exchange blog, named Gimme your stuff
I would like to be part of this of course...

What do I have to offer to you?
- handmade goods for kids and grown-ups, for example bags, bibs, softies, aprons
- goodies made from felt (birds, flowers...)
- cotton fabrics (see my shop), ribbons, buttons in all kinds of colours and/or prints and felt
- typical Dutch fabrics, souvenirs, postcards, drop! (liquorice), other foods etc.
- Dutch magazines
- Miffy (Nijntje) stuff
- Girly things like earrings, bracelets, hairpins etc.
- other cute stuff that I find here in local shops
- open for suggestions

What do I like?
- blue, aqua, lime and apple green, pink, red colours, silver
- dots, gingham
- handmade things
- fabrics (cotton), especially with nice, cute prints
- things for my two boys (2 and 4 years old)
- everything with owls, apples, birds, cars on it
- local stuff (souvenirs, food, ...)
- Japanese craft things, kawai, zakka cute stuff
- Origami, Chiyogami or other paper with nice prints on them (geometric, flowers, ....)
- Asian goods
- Buttons and cabochons
- retro and vintage stuff
- Girly things
- arty postcards
- colourful things
- ceramics (yeah, I know, hard to send...)
- coffee, tea, sweets
- other

What do I not like?
- Disney & Hello Kitty stuff
- Batiks
- dark colours

Astronaut or alien?

Last week, I tried to make an astronaut. I bought some very fancy silver fabric and started drawing, cutting, sewing. At first, I was very happy with myself, because the astronaut looked very cool.

But after I started filling it up, it became to look more and more like an alien....

Mmmm.... Some more trials to go I guess, before it looks like what I had in mind.

February 5, 2008


Our youngest son was ill this weekend, so we had some bad nights sleep. Last night it finally went back to normal. Hope it will stay like this for a long time again(and how you get used to a good night sleep so fast, it was not so long ago that I had to get out of my bed every night to feed our little one).
And, yes, we had the carnival festival here in the south of Holland last weekend. Both our boys wore clothes I made for them. Teun (who is 3 years old) wore a kings crown (found on the Husqvarna site) and a mantle. It looked sooo cute! Karel (1,5 years) wore clown trousers, also very sweet.