September 30, 2008

Apple party

Last weekend, we were invited to come over to the Apple party in Kivik in the South of Sweden. We were invited by Leons former boss, Thomas, who now works at Kiviks Musteri (a producer of apple juices, smoothies, ciders etc), to come and take a look and celebrate the apple season.

We started by visiting the Apple market. A place to buy apples and apple products (of course...), but the highlight of this festival is the Apple art. An enormous "painting" made from 35000 apples, which is quite fascinating.

After this, we visited Kiviks Musteri.
The "Apple House" is almost every day open for visitors and is certainly worth a visit when you are in the neighbourhood (by the way, the South of Sweden is worth a visit too!).
In the evening a dinner was organised for sponsors and friends of the Apple market.
We had great fun and a lovely dinner with a lot of traditional Swedish foods (seafoods, mmm), traditional Fishermans songs and drinks.

September 26, 2008

Crafty friend

These pictures are from my best friend Jose. She is Dutch (we used to be in primary school together), but she lives in Australia already for 8 years now. She is married to an Australian guy and they have two kids, a boy and a girl. Once in a while, she comes back to Holland to visit family and friends and when we see each other, it is like we have never been apart, very special....
She likes crafting as much as I do and now she made these cute wallets. She is going to sell them in a boutique in Lorne, the town where she lives. I think they will be sold out in no time.

September 23, 2008

September weekend

Last weekend, we celebrated the 65th birthday of my father. My parents rented a house in the east of Holland and we spent the weekend there with the whole family. The weather was very good, lots of sun, so lots of walk through the surrounding woods.

As a present for my father, my sister and I arranged a chef to come and cook for us.
Starting with some delicious appetizers, he prepared a wonderful diner for us.

And for us, no preparation, no stress in the kitchen, no dishwashing afterwards, just perfect!

September 16, 2008


I expect lots of new fabrics for my shop in the coming weeks. To make some space for them, quite a few fabrics in my shop are available now with discounts from 20 - 25%. Be quick if you like something, because they will not be restocked once they are sold out.
If you have problems with reading Dutch and still would like to order something, please send me an e-mail and I will help you out (payments can be made via PayPal).

September 15, 2008

What to make with all those fabrics

I received these pictures from Iris, who bought some fabrics in my shop. She made little baby dresses from the fabrics. Aren't they cute? What I also really like is the cover that she made for the baby changing pad. Made from fabric with typical nostalgic Dutch pictures on it in red and blue.

September 12, 2008


Last wednesday it was Teun's first morning to go to school. From now on until his birthday in October, he goes there every week for one morning to "practise" (to get used to the school, the kids, the teacher). He was really excited! Wearing his backpack with a drink and a banana, he looked really proud and confident. And I was excited too a bit, I must admit.....
When I picked him up, his teacher told me that he did really well and that he had been very active and enthousiastic. And he made a really cool drawing (which was actually not for me, but for his grandma).

September 8, 2008

Holiday memories

Just a few pictures that we made during our holiday. It feels already like ages ago, especially with the rainy, cold, autumny weather that we had the last few days (time to think about christmas fabrics and handmade christmas items for the shop)...

September 5, 2008


Nothing better to start a cold and grey day with, is a hot cappuccino (and some cookies).

September 3, 2008

Paper fun

A bit difficult for me to make at the moment, but too cute to not share with you, are these funny paper friends. All with tutorials and templates to download and make them for yourself or as a little present.

Free paper models that you can download from Goobeetsa. Also a blanco template to decorate yourself.

‘Help minimimmo to colonize the Earth’! Print and fold your own minimimmo model.
You can send a picture of your minimimmo to the designers and be on their website too.

This rescue team can be found at Paperboxworld.
Inspired? Check this weblog for more paper fun.

September 2, 2008

Pretty in purple

Yesterday, I had to go to the hospital again for a little check-up. Good news, the broken bone is still in the right place (and it was very painful to put it back there last week....!), so no operation is needed. And only 5 more weeks to go until the cast comes off. To make the cast more firm, they have covered it with some nice PURPLE bandage. Not really my favourite colour, but one of the autum colours in fashion and interior this year (read here).

September 1, 2008


Already a few weeks ago, I received an award from Floortje (Flora). Of course, I was very honoured. Certainly because I feel that a lot of other bloggers are so much more talented and creative than I am..... The award says that I have to pay it forward. So this is a good opportunity to award those creative and talented persons:
Nina (Ninainvorm), very colourful blog, lots of ceramics, vintage stuff, arts and crafts;

Olivelse, because I love her fabric ukuleles and her French blog;

Diana (Ozowiezo), just started a few weeks ago with her blog, but she is a very active blogger. Next to this, she has a webshop where she sells everyday (but smart) solutions, such as booby tags and clips a gogo.