September 15, 2008

What to make with all those fabrics

I received these pictures from Iris, who bought some fabrics in my shop. She made little baby dresses from the fabrics. Aren't they cute? What I also really like is the cover that she made for the baby changing pad. Made from fabric with typical nostalgic Dutch pictures on it in red and blue.


Sarah-Jo said...

Hello from Australia :)

A friend just linked me to your site because she saw this beautiful lil baby girls dress made from 'our lady' fabric
and that it was Iris

as my daughters name is Iris too and Ive just recently used this same fabric to make some christmas decorations and a cushion for my nonna

anyway just wanted to say hi and how adorable that lil dress is, beautiful!

~ Kim ~ said...

The dress is adorable. I love the changemat too. I've recently done something similar. Can't want to check out the rest of your blog. (Sarah-Jo sent me here).