September 1, 2008


Already a few weeks ago, I received an award from Floortje (Flora). Of course, I was very honoured. Certainly because I feel that a lot of other bloggers are so much more talented and creative than I am..... The award says that I have to pay it forward. So this is a good opportunity to award those creative and talented persons:
Nina (Ninainvorm), very colourful blog, lots of ceramics, vintage stuff, arts and crafts;

Olivelse, because I love her fabric ukuleles and her French blog;

Diana (Ozowiezo), just started a few weeks ago with her blog, but she is a very active blogger. Next to this, she has a webshop where she sells everyday (but smart) solutions, such as booby tags and clips a gogo.

1 comment:

Ozowiezo - alledaagse oplossingen said...

Thanks!!! Hopefully I can live up to it... BTW: how's your wrist doing?

Get well soon!