September 1, 2010

Big Bubbles

Making big bubbles from soapy water! We also did this on a campsite in France, it is very easy to do and great fun!
All you need is two pieces of rope (one of 40 cm, one of 80 cm), two sticks of 50 cm (can be branches that you found), a bucket filled with 4 litres of warm water (not too hot) and half a litre of cheap liquid dishwashing soap.

Attach the ropes to the branches/sticks (short one on top, long one below, I hope you can see on the photo's how it works). Now put them in the soapy water and slowly walk backwards to make the best bubbles ever (blowing bubbles is possible too).


Carolien said...

Wat een super leuk idee! Lekker kliederen is toch fantastisch.

Annemiek said...


vlijtig said...

Dat gaan we zeker binnenkort ook proberen!

Michaja said...

Wat een ontzettend goed idee!