June 24, 2008

Lucky girl

I was a very lucky girl last weekend. I visited Copenhagen with my sister and we had a great time. Copenhagen is a very friendly city and if you love to shop for home decorating and (kids)clothes, you are just in the right place! We started on Friday morning with breakfast with coffee latte and juice.

After this good start of course some shopping, I bought another two Smafolk t-shirts for the boys and a red one with an owl on it.

For myself, I bought two mugs/vases (and some other stuff: oilcloth, fabrics).

During the evening we went to visit Tivoli, which was very crowded because of a show of a Danish celebrity that night. But also very nice with lights all over the place (and hard to make a good picture of, LOL).

Saturday we did a city walk and discoverd a lot of colourful places in the city.

In the afternoon we took a train to visit the Louisiana museum. This museum is situated in the north of Copenhagen and has a collection of modern art and next to this a beautiful garden with sculptures, looking out onto the sea.

Before we left on Sunday, we rushed to see the little mermaid, which is of course something you have to see when you are in Copenhagen (and is a very touristic place with lots of buses).


vlijtig said...

Ik ben jaloers!

Ballee said...

Dat ziet er goed uit! Binnenkort ga ik met mijn zusje naar Antwerpen, 2 dgn. Kijk er enorm naar uit, en Kopenhagen is wel iets voor volgend jaar denk ik!

vlijtig said...

Hé Marieke, I've tagged you. Kijk op mijn weblog en zie wat de bedoeling is. Groetjes, K.

elizabeth said...

those mug/vases are adorable!