February 18, 2009


Knitters around the world have begun wrapping their huge woolly creations around public property like trees, street signs and lampposts.
One of the most ambitious pieces of work saw a woman spend an entire week covering a disused single decker bus in colourful swatches.
The phenomenon, called Yarnbombing, is thought to have originated in the US but knitters are now beginning to cover British streets in woollen ‘tags’.
This makes life a lot more colourful, right? You can read the whole article here.


Little-Z said...

LOL Cool!

Ballee said...

wow, what a beauty!

CB said...

That is very neat! I would love it if some of you knitters came over to my town and made it colorful. The white snow is starting to get to me hehe.

Anonymous said...

We get inspired by the same topics. Just recently I wrote a post on yarnbombing.
And I think we should make a call for a woollen revolution! ;-)