May 6, 2009

Perfect for a holiday

We were a bit slow in teaching Teun (he is 4,5 years old now) how to ride his bike without the little side wheels. At first he also didn't want to and we were a little surprised, because he is always handy in learning physical things, like walking, climbing, jumping.... Last week he really practised a lot, and since he has holidays from school, he had all the time to do so. And after just a few days he is able to ride the bike on his own (and are we his proud parents of course!). Now he wants to go everywhere with his bike, so when the school starts again next week he will definitely go on his bike!


Noni said...

He Marieke ^-^
Ik vroeg me even af op hoeveel graden je het strijkvelours kan wassen..?
Ik hoor het wel ^-^
groetjes, Naomi

Tina said...

It's great news.. glad..

Tina Scuole di lingue Australia

Jeremy Jones said...

Your kid is really growing very fast..It's a pleasure for u.

James- IELTS ireland