June 12, 2009

Coffee swap

A little while ago, I agreed with Margy to do a coffee themed swap. Last Monday, this package arrived and how I love it all!

We decided that the colours should be pink and red and white and that there should be at least one handmade item in the swap. I really adore the crocheted cup and the little quilt and yum, there are some Belgian chocolates and cookies too!
This is the package that I sent to Margy (I hope she will post a picture when she has opened it...)

Thanks Margy, I really enjoyed this swap!


Margy said...

Hi Marieke, bedankt voor je leuke en mooie spulletjes. Ik heb een foto op mijn blog gezet. Bedankt voor de geslaagde swap.

Margie said...

Marieke, Thank you for visiting Margie's Crafts and leaving your lovely comment. Mr. Margie is from Antwerpen, and when I saw your swap, I thought of when I lived there. I was very excited. We had family and friends from Antwerpen at the wedding last month. I left a comment with Margy also. Big hugs Margie.

Noni said...

Dat kopje is LEUK! ^-^