August 4, 2009

Tutorial: How to make / sew a marble bag

I promised this already a long, long time ago and now on special request here it finally is: the marble bag tutorial!

If there is anything unclear, please leave a message and I will try to clarify it.

A marble bag is a very easy thing to make and it is a great gift for your kids to give to their friends at school or at a party and they can also be used to put in other stuff (jewelry, little cars, cards etc.)…

What do you need (Materials):
- 2 pieces of coordinating or contrasting cotton (not too thin) fabric, 17x23 cm (± 6,7x9,1 inch);
- 50 cm (20 inch) cord (3-4mm thick);
- coordinating thread.
If you want a template to trace your fabric with (very easy if you make more than one bag), you will need a cardboard piece of 17x23cm.

- Pinking shears;
- Ruler;
- Pen / Fabric marker / Fabric chalk;
- Sewing machine;
- Safety pin.

*Note* Wash and iron fabrics before cutting. Use 1 cm (½ inch) seam allowance throughout unless otherwise stated. Seam allowance is included in pattern pieces.

1. Measure and cut your fabrics with the pinking shears. If you like to make more marble bags, you can use the cardboard template to trace your fabrics.

2. Pin the two fabric pieces with the right (printed) side together. Mark a 5 cm distance below the top of the 23cm long side of the fabric.

3. Start sewing 5 cm (2 inch) below the top to leave a space for the cord later on.

4. Sew around the 3 edges, leaving the 5cm space open, sew the other side till the top and leave the upper side open.

5. Fold the fabric (on the 5 cm/2 inch open side) to the inside (along the seam) and topstitch 5 cm on both sides.

6. Turn the bag right side out.

7. Fold the fabric on the top side to make a tunnel for the cord (3 cm/1,2 inch), stitch around 2 cm/0,8 inch from the top.

8. Pull the cord trough the tunnel and make a knob on both ends (you can use a safety pin to attach the cord to and pull it easily through the tunnel).

9. If you like to fasten the cord, you can make a few stitches in the seam.

10. Finished! Attach a nice label to the bags and they are ready to give away!


Elly said...

Superleuk!!! En volgens mij heel goed te doen, bedankt!!!! Echt leuk om kado te doen!

'T atelier said...

Heel erg leuk! Deze ga ik zeker ook maken!
Liefs Thalia

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Thanks for posting this... I can't wait to make one for my son, who LOVES marbles!!!

Irving said...

Sewing the drawstring part seems unnecessarily difficult. Start by sewing that part first with the string already in place, that way the fabric is laying flat and straight. Next, stitch up the sides & bottom, invert and you're done.