June 21, 2010

Growing Vegetables

At the moment, the boys are really interested in where everyting is made. Like where do they make cars, where do they make bread, where do they make blankets, etc. When I saw these little greenhouses, they seemed just perfect to explain to them where the tomatoes and peppers come from. They were very pleased to put in the earth and the seeds and almost every day they follow the growth process. We hope to harvest our home grown vegetables later this summer as well of course.

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vlijtig said...

Wij hebben laatst dit boek geleend van de bieb: http://www.bol.com/nl/p/nederlandse-boeken/hoe-wordt-dat-gemaakt/1001004006235215/index.html
Echt heel leuk en het zal veel van die leuke vragen beantwoorden.