February 10, 2011


Since a little while I am the proud owner of a smartphone.
And of course I got a cover with it when I bought the phone, but that one was a rather dull.
And since a little while I am selling products from Larie! , like "Strijkies" and "Kneepatches".
And.... she happens to make keycords and phonecovers too!
So, when I was ready to order there, I ordered a cover and a cord for myself, you need to spoil yourself once in a while right?


Carolien said...

Die is echt super leuk!

Helmi said...

Leuk, wie zichzelf niet kietelt, lacht niet veel.
grt, Helmi

prentje said...

Haha, ik had er ook al een. Alleen laat die smartphone heel lang op zich wachten. Dus nu wachten hoesje en ik samen, met smart ;-)

Chacha said...