October 6, 2008

A little bit more of Sweden - Malmo

We did not only visit the apple party when we were in Sweden, but we were also lucky to spend a few more days over there. We decided to go to Malmo.

I really wanted to visit the Form/Design center, because I love Scandinavian design and I saw on their website that they have lots of fabrics. Unfortunately they don't sell the fabrics, they only show samples. The Form/Design center is situated in the nicest and most pittoresque part of Malmo, surrounded by some nice boutiques and a square with restaurants and cafes.

The rest of Malmo is quite modern and there are quite a bunch of retail stores that you can find in most of the big cities.
A bit outside of the city centre, we went to see the Turning Torso. The highest tower of Sweden, it makes a twist and overlooks the sea and the Oresund bride to Denmark (Copenhagen).

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