September 15, 2009


After a few days in Denmark, we went to Sweden for two weeks.
First one week close to Uddevalla on the west coast (above Goteborg).
The campsite was situated close to the sea where the boys spent lots of time throwing stones, shells and branches in the water (good opportunity for me to read some books!).

On our way to the second place in Sweden, we visited Boras, the capital of textiles in Sweden. We went to the textile museum, which is located in an old industrial building and explains how fabrics are made. They also show work from textile artists and students from Sweden.

The second week we spent on the east coast of Sweden, also on a campsite close to the sea (more stones in the water...).

We all really liked the visit to Garpen, a beautiful small island with a few houses and a lighthouse (which I didn't climb, my legs shaked after a few steps on the stairs).

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