July 18, 2008


When my kids are at home, we like to cycle through the city a bit.
Looking around, do some shopping, watching the cars, boats and works (excavators, cranes), going to the playground...
Throughout the city, some houses have a poem painted on them.
This poem is my favorite, it makes me smile:

In English, it goes something like this:
The influence of soft wind on clothes.
Are you going to the beach?
When you return, can I have the sand that comes out of your shoes for the floor of my aquarium?


13mimosa said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I find that the nicest way to discover new sites. I love this poem, so sweet. Victoria

ninainvorm said...

Hey, that's my city too! Isn't it near the Hinthamerstraat/Kerkstraat?