July 11, 2008

Typical Dutch (2)

A bit more about Dutch food Today.....
For lunch see breakfast, maybe a bit more odd combinations on the sandwiches like peanut butter with hagelslag, cheese with apple syrup, cheese with marmelade, ham with tomato ketchup and of course with the glass of milk I mentioned before.
The rest of the day we like to eat liquorice, mmmm, my favorite!

In the evenings, 6 o'clock straight, it is dinner time. Typical Dutch foods (in the winter) are hutspot and stamppot, served with rookworst. Those "pots" are mashed potatoes mixed with carrots and onion (hutspot) or a whole variety of cabbages (stamppot). Rookworst is a smoked sausage (a bit fatty and salty).

My kids like to eat poffertjes (small pancakes) for dinner (and I guess that all Dutch kids like them). These are served with butter and sugar.

So much more to tell about the Dutch food, but I end with these two "delicacies", the kroket and frikadel. Both are consumed as a snack (or together with fries for lunch/dinner).
A kroket is filled with ragout, is deep fried and has a crusty outside.

The frikadel is a kind of sausage, also deep fried and is often filled (after frying) with a combination of raw onions, mayonaise and ketchup.

Now I'll tag Puk from Ballee, Naomi from Odd&Wooly and Lisette from Little-Z.
I hope that you do not mind ladies? Something nice to do when it rains.....


CyndiLou said...

YUM! Everything sounds great! When's dinner? Can I invite myself?

Linda said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE it! My husband is Dutch and i've always had an interest in the culture so I love this post about the food! Dutchies make the best food! I'll be back often to check out your blog more!