July 7, 2008

Typical Dutch (1)

I've been tagged by Kristel from Vlijtig.
This means that you should write a meme with a Dutch twist. As I am a food technologist, I thought it would be nice to write about typical Dutch foods.
I'll cut this post in two and write a bit more later this week.
Let's start in the moring, where lots of Dutchies begin their day with a glass of milk and a wholemeal sandwich with Dutch cheese (sliced with a very thin slicing thing called "kaasschaaf").
Looks something like this:

Another favorite item to put on our sandwiches is called "Hagelslag", which are tiny pieces of chocolate to sprinkle on a buttered sandwich (in other countries they use it to decorate cakes with).

When it is time for a coffee break in the morning, a cookie is served to accompany the coffee (in bars and restaurants it is often individually wrapped).

The cookie can be a delicious "stroopwafel",

or in case of a birthday or something else to celebrate, a HEMA tompouce,

and when you live in 's-Hertogenbosch like I do, a "Bossche bol" (filled with whipped cream and covered with chocolate).

Enough for now, I'll write more later this week and then I'll tag some other people as well.


Rachel said...

Mmm, chocolate sprinkles in a sandwich sounds strangly delicious! And all those other sweet treats look pretty scrummy too. x

Amanda said...

how fun!!

FINIKA said...

I thought you were my friend. To be honest my Best friend, and now you are making me dribble and I am sad!! To top it all off I have had to get a big "kies" removed the other day!! Probably because for 25 years of my life I ate chocolate sprinkles on bread for breakfast and lunch!! I still love you!!!

Kusje Jose