December 16, 2008

Christmas Decoration Idea (2)

Today, I will show you how to make a fabric house ornament.
Great to make as a last-minute gift or to hang in your christmas tree.
This house is also perfect for other occasions, if you use different fabrics and embellishments.

What do you need?

- The house template (download it here, it includes 0,75 cm seam allowance).
- Felt (cutted with pinking shears), a piece of 3 x 4 cm for the door, a piece of 2,5 x 3 cm for the window.
- Fabric for the house, 2 pieces of ± 11 x 16 cm (can be the same or contrasting fabric).
- 1 button with diameter of ± 1 cm.
- Ribbon or cord (± 15 cm) for the hanging loop.
- Stuffing material.
- Needle, thread, siccors.
- Sewing machine.
- Embroidery thread, ribbon, beads, felt stars, trees etc. to embellish your house with.

What do you do?

1. Cut out the template and trace this onto your two pieces of fabric.
2. Cut out the two pieces of fabric.

3. Sew the door and window onto the front piece of your house (see template for position).
4. Hand-sew the button on the door. Embellish your house with the decoration of your choice (remember to not to embellish on the seam allowance of 0,75 cm, you won’t see it once your house is finished).

5. Pin the ribbon/cord loop (loop pointing inside) to the top of the roof.

6. Pin the two fabric pieces together, right side in.
7. Sew along the sides, leaving a 2 cm hole for turning.

8. Turn you house right side out.
9. Stuff you house to the desired thickness.

10. Top stitch around the whole house (to close the opening as well).
11. Ready is your house!

Have fun!