December 17, 2008

Christmas Decoration Idea (3)

This idea is not really for decoration, but it is a great way to use your fabric scraps for (which I always save, just in case.... you know....).

These scraps are just perfect to make your (christmas) gift labels with!
You will need:
- Cardboard gift labels
- Fabric scraps
- Ruler
- Fabric marker or chalk
- Pinking shears
- Glue

First, you measure how large your piece of fabric should be (depending on the size of your label). I left a 0,5 cm piece of cardboard free on the sides and on the bottom of the label and 2 cm from the hole to the upper piece of the fabric (I hope that this is clear....).
Trace this size on a piece of fabric and cut this out with the pinking shears.

Glue your piece of fabric on your label and it's ready to go with a present.

Also good with other fabrics of course.

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Jolanda said...

Oh, deze tip vind ik fantastisch!
Dank je wel.