December 23, 2008

Christmas Decoration Idea (5)

Today, I will explain you how to make these candle holders. Great to make together with kids, so perfect for the holidays.

All you need is:
* Some clean glass jars/pots (from babyfood, jam, desserts)
* Thin iron wire that can be easily formed by hand
* Stickers, glass paint, ribbon, glitters, glue etc....
* Little candles (waxine lichtjes in Dutch)

Embellish the jars with the stickers, ribbon, glitters, paint etc. of your choice.

Let them dry for a while before attaching the iron wire to it (or attach the wire first).
Make a loop from the wire and put this around the neck of the jar, twist it to fasten it around the jar. You can now make a loop from the remaining piece of iron wire if you bend the wire and attach the end piece to the other side of the jar.
Done! Ready to light the candles and sparkle up your christmas!
These candle holders are also great as a garden decoration.


Jolanda said...

Dank je wel voor (alweer) zo'n prachtig cadeau!

Elly said...

Heel leuk idee! En ik wil je gelijk hele fijne kerstdagen toewensen!
Groetjes Elly

Heidi said...

Marieke, bedankt voor je kerst decoratie ideeen. Bedankt voor je inspiratie, je creativiteit en je mooie stoffen. Ik wens jou en je familie een goed 2009!

Liefs Heidi