December 19, 2008

Christmas Decoration Idea (4)

Feeling a lot better after a good night sleep, time for a new decoration idea.
For today an idea to decorate yourself with: a felt flower brooch. You can also make this flower with cotton fabrics, but I think a felt one is more wintery in a way.
Sorry for the bad pictures, it is quite difficult to make good pictures with the dark weather.

You need for the brooch:
Flower template (you can find it here)
Coordinating thread
Brooch pin

What to do:
First print out the template and cut out the 3 largest flowers.
Trace the largest flower 3 times on your felt, the medium and the small ones both 2 times.

Cut out all the flowers.
Start your flower with laying a large flower flat. Fold another large flower double and place it on the flat one, sew these together.

Now, fold the third large flower 2 times double and place it on the others, sew them together.

Continue with the medium flowers in the same way and end with the smallest (while you are busy with the flower, you will see what is the best way to place your leafs).

When your flower is done, you can now attach it to the brooch pin.

You can also sew the flower on a piece of ribbon to make a napkin holder from it.


Heidi said...

Yet another great idea, where do you get them from. Love the flowers,saving the idea for later, to busy now, have to sew a balloonskirt for my daughters before christmas and make both of the a doll for under the tree!!!

(and read my favoutite blogs ofcourse....)

Love Heidi

Jolanda said...

Oh, alweer zo'n beauty! Mijn printer draait overuren.
Dank je wel.